Lower Manhattan Theme Song 2011

by Chuckle Cakes NYC

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This is a song that attempts to capture the current zeitgeist of the areas below 34th street in Manhattan (as well as certain areas in West Brooklyn and Manhattan above 96th street.) Anyone who has been here in the last few years will recognize the eclectic mix of people who draw their inspiration from an overlapping medley of 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion, movies and music. These areas now see a a mix of clean-cut street looking kids of West Side Story and Buddy Holly-lookalikes; 90s/oughts Indie rockers; 70s handlebar-mustachioed porn-star types; Woodstock worshiping quasi-hippies and "folksters", endless variants of 80s "Wall Street" style people; rehashed grunge types; an endless parade of would-be Lady Gagas; a voluminous number of "Gossip Girl" dreamers; "Jersey Shore" clones; curious tourists; and a smattering of everything else you care to name. One common thread, however, is their penchant for hard partying, and screaming "woohoo!" and "woo!" at all hours while stumbling around drunkenly.

It's a microcosm of the urban and suburban American culture of the naughts and oughts.

Manhattan, this is for you.


released August 16, 2011




Chuckle Cakes NYC New York, New York

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